>NN< was created by individuals seeking a good, clean time playing the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Battlefield 2 video games. We like to think of ourselves as the "Un-Clan" of the gaming community. No drama. No soap operas. No family disputes. No gaming competition. This is just a place for fellow gamers to come unwind, play games, share game information, and de-stress. That is all there is to it.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the >NN< Clan, recruiting information can be found in the "Recruit Request" section of the forums. Our minimum age requirement is 18. If you are under 18, do not let that discourage you from playing on our server(s) and participating on our website.

Members and guests are asked to follow these rules:

  1. HAVE FUN!!!
  2. Do not cheat. Cheating of any kind will be not be tolerated. First offense and you are banned for life. Members and guests are subjected to periodic screenshots.
  3. Foul language is not to be typed in game or anywhere on our website for all the public to see. If you feel the absolute need to curse, put "***" in where most of the letters would go, (i.e. f***), so we understand what you are relaying. Our children, along with children elsewhere, play on our server(s) and frequent the website.
  4. Please keep the teams even. Continual lopsided victories tend to empty a server. Losing is part of the game, but who wants to keep playing if the losses are constant blowouts? If you are a good player and see the other side losing please switch teams. The longer the game the better it is for everyone to enjoy.
  5. Other clans are welcome to play on the >NN< server. We understand if fellow clan members want to squad up on the same team; however, keep the above rule in mind. If you see the other team having a quick or bad loss, mix up the teams some. If a >NN< Owner or Admin asks you to switch teams or split up your squad to improve the gaming experience for everyone, please follow that guidance.
  6. Please wait your turn for vehicles.
  7. Treat all players with respect. Do not harass, threaten, or make the gaming environment unfriendly for others. Also, please do not embarrass, humiliate, or chastise one another. We were all noobs at one point, we all have different skill levels and playing styles, and we are all here to help each other.
  8. Members and guests shall not transmit or enable the transmission of content that is abusive, racially or culturally discriminating, sexually explicit, profane, vulgar, offensive or defamatory anywhere within our server(s) or website. Also, please keep politics out of the forums.
  9. Check your ego's at the door. No bragging. Statistics do not matter in this clan. It's all about having respect, showing class to one another and to guests, and having a good time. Treat others as you want others to treat you. Again, check your ego's at the door.
  10. HAVE MORE FUN!!!

All members are expected to follow the Code of Conduct below.

  1. The following applies while playing on our server or elsewhere:
    • Members of >NN< must conduct themselves with professionalism and maturity at all times within the online gaming environment. Increasing the positive image of >NN< should be the goal of all members. Be proud of >NN< and its accomplishments.
    • Members shall not behave in an unsportsmanlike manner.
    • >NN< members MUST wear their clan tags at all times. Wear your tags proudly.
  2. Members shall not misrepresent or impersonate other players, people, or groups.
  3. If a member is inactive in the server(s) for 30 days or greater, they will be moved to an "INACTIVE" Status. If a >NN< member is inactive in the server(s) for 90 days, their membership will be deleted. We are all busy, but have the courtesy to let us know what is going on. Whether you are having computer problems or busy with family life or work, all it takes is a post in the forums or a note to an Owner or Admin. Remember, you joined the clan to play which requires your participation.
  4. If a >NN< member quits the clan or is asked to leave the clan, that member will not be offered membership in the future. Basically, if you leave >NN< for whatever reason, it is for life.
  5. No disrespecting guests on the server. Just because you are a member of the clan does not give you the right to insult guests. Guests are what keep the server populated so insulting them is not acceptable.
  6. Clan members and recruits need to help get the server going. If all clan members went to play a game elsewhere then the server would never get going. It is up to us to get the number of players necessary to start the server.
  7. >NN< Clan members and recruits can not be in another clan. It is impossible to devote enough time to both clans. If anyone is in a clan and wants to join, they need to resign from their current clan in order to be a member of >NN<. If any member is found participating in two clans they will be removed from the >NN< roster.

In helping to make >NN< a great place to meet, play games, and chat, you must do your part to uphold this Code of Conduct. >NN< Administrators and Owners reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend a member for violations of our rules or code of conduct. >NN< also reserves the right to amend or change these items at any time without notice. As a member you agree to periodically review this document to ensure you are doing your part. Owners and Administrators of >NN< lead busy lives and would greatly appreciate any and all help clan members can give. Please volunteer if you have the time and the know-how.

As the world of internet gaming changes, so do the games. >NN< will not play just one game. As games come and go, >NN< will change accordingly. This is not to say that you cannot play other games or play on other servers. Please feel free to. However, do not expect to become a member with the pretense that >NN< Clan will only play the game that you joined under.

>NN< members are not required to contribute money in order to be a member. >NN< Owners and Administrators take care of all of the expenses required to maintain the servers and website. >NN< could always use, and would greatly appreciate, any donations for future upgrades (more player slots, more servers, faster servers, etc). Members please feel free to help >NN< stay alive and well by clicking on the "PayPal" button.

Thank you,

>NN< Administration